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Fresh, premium quality sushi delivered to your doorstep

תמונה מועדון רולנרול הזמנות סושי טרי עד הבית

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About our restaurant

Welcome to Rollnroll, your place to find premium quality sushi, made only with the most fresh and premium quality products, delivered to your doorstep, before you have the time to say "I ordered sushi!". We all know how important it is ti get our sushi orders ASAP so we make sure to prepare your orders as fast as possoble (Hello Chan the chef, who rolls a sushi rolls in 12 seconds!). We use the highest quality salmon which comes to is from Norway, and we never forget to support our local farmers, who grow high quality vegetables.

  • Do you accept table reservations?
    Roll'n'Roll only works with deliveries and takeaways - this is what makes our service so fast and allows us to focus on top-quality ingredients. You can order delivery and takeaway through our website. Order here.
  • How can I place an order?
    You can order a takeaway or delivery through our website. Order here. You can also place an order through Wolt and TenBis. We currently cannot take orders via phone.
  • Where are you located and what are your opening hours?
    Roll'n'Roll has two branches located in Ramat Gan and Kfar Saba. You can find our opening hours and addresses here
  • Is Roll'n'Roll kosher?
    There might be a surprise in store for those who keep kosher coming soon! But currently, we are not kosher. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date.
  • Can pregnant women order from you?
    First of all congratulations on your pregnancy! We apologize but unfortunately we cannot guaranttee the safety aspect for pregnant women but we look forward to helping you with an order post-birth.
  • Can I order vegetarian sushi with a fish allergy?
    Although we are careful not to mix fish with vegetable preparations, we cannot guarantee that the two did not mix during preperations. If you have a serious fish allergy, we would not recommend ordering.


תמונה סושי - שנזמין קצת סושי? רולנרול

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