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RollnRoll's comprehensive sushi guide


Sushi is more than just a tasty dish; It is a culinary art form with its own language, a complex language, one must say.

So if you also get confused between maki and futomaki, don't exactly know what's in and what's out in an inside-out roll and think that tamaki and tamago are synonymous for the same food, we're here to explain exactly how to understand the world of sushi.

Let's dive together into the world of terms!

Nigiri - a strip of rice on which you can find fish, a Japanese omelette (spoiler: it's tamago) or vegetables.

Maki - sushi with one filling ingredient, wrapped in rice and seaweed on the outside.

Inside out / Urumaki - like maki, but inside out and with two or three filling ingredients inside. It usually comes topped with sesame, fish or vegetables such as avocado or cucumber.

Futomaki - huge maki, with more filling ingredients.

Tamago - a multi-layered Japanese omelet in the shape of a rectangle that consists of eggs and Japanese seasoning.

Tobiko - fish eggs that come in a wide variety of colors, including green tobiko, orange tobiko and black tobiko. Often used as a coating for rolls.

Sashimi - thin slices of extremely fresh raw fish.


Now that you are already sushi experts, you are welcome to enter our menu and place an order - and this time understand what you are ordering! To order click here

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