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Sushi: Get some facts that you didn't necessarily know about the favorite food

In the Western world full of abundance in which we live, there is no person who does not know the category of Asian food which includes - of course - sushi! Sushi with seaweed outside, sushi with seaweed inside, sushi without seaweed at all, colored rice, raw fish, fried fish - the selection is simply huge. But did you know the true origin of a dish that combines special rice and fish? Let's discover some things you didn't think you knew about sushi!

1.    A bit of history: Sushi was originally a Japanese invention to prolong the life of fish. The rice helped keep the fish fresh and safe to eat for a long time (like you put the iPhone that has been soaked in rice, apparently the Japanese came up with the method a little before us). Rice combined with raw fish these days is known to us as nigiri sushi!

סושי ניגירי סלמון נא דג יפני

2.    Globalization: When Japanese people began immigrating in the early 20th century to other countries and arrived in the United States, our fellow fast food lovers took the Japanese invention and upgraded it! Believe it or not, but an inside-out sushi roll with fried salmon, avocado and sweet potato coated in Tempura with a spicy mayonnaise sauce, is an American invention, not Japanese.

3.    Sauces or not to be: The original sauces meant to be eaten with sushi are soy and wasabi. However, the wasabi we eat in Israel is usually made from horseradish powder and not real wasabi (which is very spicy!). Editor's tip: mix a drop of wasabi into your soy sauce, thank us later.

4.    Health: Feeling guilty about eating food you didn't prepare at home? Not this time! In the nori seaweed used in sushi, you can find high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals. It's not just that seaweed is a significant part of the Asian diet.

רול סושי ארוך ביותר בעולם שיא גינס יפן 2016

5. Guinness World Records: The longest sushi roll ever created measured more than 2,800 meters in length and was created in Japan in 2016. It took a team of 400 chefs several hours to assemble the massive sushi roll, which contained over a ton of rice and seafood.

In conclusion, all this talk made me hungry... lucky to have Sushi Rollnroll. Want to order fast delivery as well? click here. (Deliveries to Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Kfar Saba and the surrounding area).

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